Thursday, April 25, 2013

Business of the 21st Century!

The future is wireless! In fact, mobile screens will surpass the desktop users in some years. And there is no better way to connect with your potential customers than a customized mobile app.
PandaLilly Apps Inc. is a custom mobile apps development company serving clients across the world. With unmatched technical expertise and a highly creative team, we convert your ideas into intuitive mobile apps. From entry-level mobile apps to highly intuitive advanced software apps, we make it happen.
PandaLilly Apps Inc. Vision for Mobile Apps Development
" To continuously strive for improvement in our app development processes to ensure highest quality standards and provide clients with superior mobile app experience within their time-frame and budget."
Our team of experts consist of programmers, designers and techno-savvy individuals that have one thing in common - the burning desire to turn your thoughts in to mobile apps. Over the years, we have provided apps for the small businesses, individuals and multi-national organizations. Our spectrum of mobile apps development covers every conceivable stage of mobile application development. From initial blueprint to the architectural challenges, and from coding to the final platform integration, we handle all the phases of app development.
Here's what we do:
  • Client business research and mobile application relevance study
  • Project budget and delivery schedule planning
  • Technical Phase: Platform selection, language, coding and testing
  • Development plus launch of the mobile application on various devices
  • Mobile Application maintenance and timely updates
  • Providing additional services including traffic statistics reporting
Our spectrum of services encompasses a wide range of platforms, including:
  1. iPhone app development (Latest iOS)
  2. Android app development (Version 4.2 Jelly Bean SDK)
  3. iPad app development
  4. Windows Mobile app development (+ Microsoft Devices)
  5. Blackberry app development
  6. Apps for Open sourced API's like Google Map, Facebook, Twitter and Google+

PandaLilly Apps Inc. Advantage: Professional Mobile Phone Apps Development
PandaLilly Apps Inc. is a fast growing app development company serving clients globally. Our team of highly motivated professionals are experienced, innovative and have a burning desire to excel. Our project managers serve the client's with the highest standards of professional ethics. At PandaLilly Apps Inc., we understand that a professional relationship extends beyond technical development.
Contact us for a wholesome mobile application development experience.