Monday, October 27, 2014

New Modern Clean and Crisp Website Revamped

In our modern world, technology keeps evolving. The world now has sophisticated gadgets that allow 24-hour access to the internet, anytime, anywhere. Creating a responsive, mobile compatible website is a must in today’s Hi tech world. A new modern and crisp website can help you stay ahead of the game and ensure you stand out from the crowd.

A business needs to be part of the modern technology trend through the design of a responsive, high quality and functional website. From adaptive designs, unique topography, large attractive images, and in depth videos, modern web design technology can give you a competitive edge in the market while at the same time boosting your search engine rankings

Having an old, out-dated website has the potential to hurt your business in ways you cannot imagine. People expect attractive, easy to navigate websites that can be accessed on the go. 

How a modern 2014 website will help improve your business 

1.   Competitive advantage- A website is a reflection of a business’s values, image and embracement of modern trends and technologies. Imagine having an old unattractive website while your competitors are doing everything they can to make theirs as attractive and responsive as possible. People are starting to get used to the modern technology and expect a professional website to look and work in a certain way. Modern technology makes it possible to have an easy-to navigate website that can be accessed from any device and platform. A crisp website will help you stay ahead in the competitive world  

2.   First impression really matters- Modern website technology involves the use of video, attractive images, great content and beautiful designs. An attractive website will stimulate a visitor’s interest and make them want to navigate your website to learn more about your products and business as a whole. 

3.   Added exposure- With a beautiful, modern design, and great content, you can attract visitors worldwide. People like sharing; a gorgeous website will get shared across borders. In addition an attractive website will stimulate the interest of anyone who comes across it. This increases your business exposure. 

4.   Usability and ease of navigation- You can use hover effects, flat design and other elements of modern website design to give your website more functionality and make it easier to navigate. 

5.   SEO benefits- Google and other search engines favour mobile friendly websites. Having a responsive, mobile friendly website with great content will help you rank high on search engines. Higher rankings equals more traffic to your website and more potential customers. 

6.   Enhanced user experience- A clean, attractive modern design makes it easier and interesting for the visitor to find and navigate your website. Modern devices such as smartphones have made it easier for people to share content on the go. Nowadays websites are important tools to share content. Revamping your website will make it easier for your visitors to share content. More shares equals more exposure to your website 

Having an attractive, responsive, mobile friendly website is essential in today’s digital world. You want to make it possible for people to view your website using different modern gadgets throughout the world. A revamped website will load faster, help you incorporate social media interfaces, help you interact with the community and enhance your visitors experience. All this leads to increased traffic to your website, more potential customers and consequently more sales
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Zap'N Alien

Title: Zap’n Alien for unlimited puzzle gaming adventure.

PandaLilly Apps brings yet another exciting game for iOS users. Designed for iPhone and iPad users this App offers an exciting new experience in mobile gaming industry with great graphics and sound effects. A great mission to accomplish keeps you hooked up whole time and once you played the game, you can’t resist playing it over and over again.

For the entire puzzlegame devoted community Panda Lilly Apps bring to you a yet another exciting puzzle gaming experience that is packed with unlimited fun and excitement which makes Zap'n Alien one of the most exciting puzzle adventure. With exceptional graphics and great emphasis on background sounds, our designers have worked really hard towards making this mobile gaming App a sensation.

The game is undisputedly a rage among mobile gamers and already there are reviews pouring from different parts of the world. People really love the concept of Zap'n Alien. It’s a not so easy and not too tricky to play game that has a lot of excitement to offer and with 100+ levels the game gets more and more exciting and challenging with the rise in levels and you can easily choose from easy, medium or hard level. As a beginner you can easily start up with easy levels and move up to medium and then difficult level to explore some real adventurous gaming experience.

Designed for both iPhone and iPad users, Zap’n Alien require iOS 4.3 or later. Meanwhile the game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, as well as iPod touch and this app is optimized for iPhone 5. Although there are a plenty of puzzle games in mobile gaming market, but Zap’n Alien revolves around a really exciting concept that offers a real gaming experience for mobile gaming enthusiasts.

People who have started playing this game are already hooked up to the exciting concept of the game that revolves around matching different aliens and zapping them. Zap’n Alien is really addictive adventure puzzle, as aliens fall from the sky; your mission is to connect three or more aliens to zap them into oblivion. As you start with the adventure, you match and zap your way through hundreds of levels of aliens in this addictive puzzle adventure. Apart from exciting puzzle there is something or the other that comes up after different levels to maintain the enthusiasm of the game. Click on special items to activate power ups. Tap on special aliens to zap multiple aliens throughout the screen.

It’s an easy to start with game that offers more than 100 levels with an option of choosing difficulty level according to your interest. Score high and compete with your friends on score boards. Game offers a challenging experience and no doubt offers a great puzzle gaming experience. If you are an ardent puzzle gamer, then this is surely a game for you. Already a number of people of different age groups are enjoying the game. So what are you waiting for, get your Zap’n Alien now.

Missing Angel

Exciting and adventurous Missing Angel App.

PandaLilly Apps brings yet another exciting game for iOS users. Designed for iPhone and iPad users Missing Angel App offers an exciting new experience in mobile gaming industry with great graphics and sound effects. A great mission to accomplish keeps you hooked up whole time and once you played the game, you can’t resist playing it over and over again.

Mobile gaming is getting really popular these days and everyday you’ll find hundred of new Apps and mobile games entering the market. Mobile gaming lovers around the world are always looking out for some exciting stuff to suit their gaming needs and with an intention to fulfill some real gaming enthusiasm, Panda Lilly Apps have come up with a yet another superbly designed concept gaming App known as Missing Angel App.

Missing Angel is an exciting game based on a concept unlike a number of baseless games coming in market these days that gamers are really bored with. Missing Angel is designed to offer some real gaming experience for the gamers around the world. No matter what age group you belong to, everyone likes this game.

Based on an exciting concept, the game is not just about endless running, instead has a lot more to offer. Missing Angel as the name suggests is a game related towards helping a missing angel to reach back. The concept of the game is really interesting; one angel didn't fly to heaven but instead has fallen to Hell. You have to extend your help to bounce this angel back to heaven! To help the angel reach back Heaven, draw a line on the screen to create a spring board to bounce the angel out of Hell and send him through heaven's gate. During the course of sending angel back, you also need to collect as much halo rings as you can to score high.

Although, seeming simple in nature the game has a lot to offer and is designed to be a habit. You can’t really quit the game without desire of playing it more. It’s hard to resist and the gamers who are into some serious gaming have given a thumps up to the game stating it to be a great fun and excitement filled journey of helping the Angle reach back to Heaven.

The focus of most of the games have always been young crowd, but this is a game designed keeping in mind people of every age group and is also liked by the people of diverse age groups. High on creativity, the game offers excellent interface that keeps player going and even after playing the game of hours you still feel like keep on playing the game. Game is highly responsive and there is no point where user begins to lose his interest. Instead the game is filled with exciting events that makes your gaming experience even thrilling. So go ahead and start playing now.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

PandaLilly Apps New Logo

Starting 2014, we are changing our companies brand logo to this new and fresh icon.

Rocket Tiger PRO

The tiger takes flight with his fully customizable rocket! Upgrade your gear to get the farthest distant and brag to your friends with an easy in app leaderboard.

Rocket Tiger has 9 mini-games, and 1 main game, which compromises of 88 levels. The main character of this game is Tommy the tiger. Your goal in the main game is to complete each mission by flying as far as possible and destroying all the obstacles you encounter. To do this you may need to upgrade your equipment to complete each task.

As the game progresses on you will encounter Tiger Balls. Collect all 7 and see what happens!

Your task in the mini-games is to achieve the highest scores. Compete with your friends and see who has the best score.

BONUS: Accrue points for prizes each time you play, and exchange your points for rewards in our Rewards Center!


Designed for iPhone 5, optimized for iOS 7

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